Building compassionate communities

The Compassionate Communities team works alongside communities and neighbourhoods across Edinburgh and East Lothian who wish to build on their shared strengths, skills and experiences to support one another through difficult times of worsening health, social isolation, loss and bereavement.

To Absent Friends, November 2021

Tie a ribbon in remembrance & love

‘To Absent Friends’ is a week-long festival of storytelling and remembrance that offers people across Scotland a time to tell stories, to celebrate and to reminisce about the people they love who have died.

In November, St Columba’s Hospice Care welcomed all who wished to mark their own stories of grief, uncertainty, loss and hope during this time. Many tied a ribbon to the tree outside our Iona Café in remembrance of those they had loved and lost.

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To Absent Friends, November 2021 illustration

Joining compassionate conversations

When people are living with illness, feel isolated or are grieving it can be hard knowing what to say or do. Opportunities for healthy conversations about uncomfortable subjects like these help us grow in confidence.

By working together, it’s possible to find all kinds of practical and caring ways of connecting with the people in our streets, local neighbourhoods and workplaces.

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Offering time and kindness

Compassionate Neighbours is a community led social movement where local people offer their time, kindness and company to people living with life limiting conditions and who may be lonely or socially isolated.

We match people together according to their hobbies, interests and geography in the hope of developing genuine, caring friendships which will help grow a mutual sense of belonging and ultimately build stronger, more connected communities.

Become a Compassionate Neighbour

Helping people stay in touch

We’re committed to building strong and resilient communities, where local people feel equipped and confident to offer informal, emotional and practical support in their neighbourhoods.

This is never more important than during times of isolation, deteriorating health, grief and loss by helping people stay connected to their families, friends and community. Find out how you and others can get involved in your local community, by contacting us on the link below.

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Making meaningful connections

Neighbourhoods, small towns, villages and streets are often where folk discover they can make an impact. Meaningful connections are nurtured and developed when local people capitalize on what’s strong in the places they live.

An approach like this builds on the gifts, skills, interests and assets (such as community groups, economics and cultural heritage, natural spaces, organisations and government agencies) that exist at the neighbourhood level. We’re delighted to share information about events and gatherings hosted in our local area.

Pictured: A hundred handmade butterflies gifted to the community adorn the gates of St Mark’s Portobello. Read more


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