Complementary therapies

Helping you relax with therapies tailored to individual needs and offered together with conventional medical treatments to maximise wellbeing.

Lisa's update

January 2021

On Monday 4th of January, the Complementary Therapy Service regulatory body advised all members to stop all close contact, following The First Ministers announcement that we were to go into a National Lockdown.

Until we receive more guidance from our regulatory body about resuming our close contact service, patients will be supported virtually and remotely and we are extending this service to carers and families. Please find details below about how to access the service.

We hope to be able to offer complementary therapies on the wards again. In the meantime, patients in IPU can be refered for our virtual service if they would benefit from this support.

Due to the continuing restrictions, unfortunately our lovely Therapet team, Volunteer Complementary Therapists and our Hairdresser Linda are still unable to visit the Hospice, but we hope to be welcoming them all back again soon.

Thank you all for your continued, lovely support of our service.


Virtual Complementary Therapy sessions

Our virtual sessions have received positive feedback from those patients who have used the service and we are delighted to be able to now make complementary therapy available to patients, carers and families.

Contact Lisa by email to access this service 


Available virtual therapies

Following an adaptation of current therapies we offer, and the introduction of others, here are the virtual therapies that are currently available

  • PCGI  (Person Centred Guided Imagery) 

  • PMR (Progressive Muscle Relaxation)

  • HEARTS Approach (involving patients carer)

  • Reiki meditations

  • Guided meditations

  • Aromatherapy Aromasticks

  • Hand Reflexology techniques

  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) – available March 2021

Other news

Accessible Clinical Practice

Marie Duggan is a practitioner and training provider offering Complementary Therapies in Cancer Care CPD eLearning for Massage, Reflexology and Reiki. She recognised that some therapists taking part in eLearning would welcome the opportunity to gain clinical practice within cancer care and palliative care settings. St Columba's was delighted to partner with Marie to offer a placement to Alison Hughes. You can read about Alison's clinical practice placement here: 

We are thrilled that Alison's placement with us led to her joining the team as our Volunteer Complementary Therapist.

To read more about Marie's work, go to Butterfly Touch Therapies -


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