When someone is here in the Inpatient unit, visits from family and friends are important to them – we know it is to you too. We want to support you to keep in regular contact with your loved one the best we can whilst also ensuring we keep everyone safe.

The following guidance has been developed to support you to keep in touch safely. Please note that from 30 October 2020 our guidelines have been updated.

Each patient will be able to receive visits from up to four named individuals during their time in our inpatient unit. Visits are limited to a maximum of two people per day and only one household can visit at a time.

At the very end of someone’s life, the four named people can visit on the same day, but a maximum of two at a time and individual households must not mix. 

Children are able to visit a parent or guardian in the hospice, and they are counted in the four named visitors. Unfortunately children are unable to visit any other relations. Children must be supervised closely at all times during visits by one of the other named visitors. 


Essential tips

Visiting us during COVID-19 restrictions
Remember Test and Protect

All visitors

If you have any symptoms of Covid, or if you should be self-isolating or in quarantine due to local or international restrictions, you must not visit the hospice building or our grounds. We are really sorry that this may cause distress but it is essential we maintain the safety of everyone in the hospice.

  • All visitors must provide their name, the room they are visiting and a contact telephone number on arrival at the hospice for Test and Protect purposes. (This information will be securely stored for 21 days and then destroyed).
  • We ask that where possible for you to consider shorter visits, once per day and consider keeping in regular contact via Facetime or similar – we have a dedicated iPad to support this.
  • Please bring essential items only when you visit, and consider leaving belongings in your car where feasible.
  • Please travel directly to and from the hospice rather than coming to/from a household other than your own, or other public areas
All visitors illustration

Inpatient visiting

Each patient is restricted to 4 named visitors for the duration of their inpatient stay. A maximum of two people (out of the four) can visit each day and, in order to comply with Scottish Government requirements, separate households must never visit at the same time.

Please ensure that anyone accompanying visitors is aware that they will not be permitted to enter the building to wait in any circumstances.

Every time you visit:

* Please contact the ward areas via the intercom at the main entrance

* Please wait to see a member of staff each time you visit

* Please use the hand sanitiser before you enter and when you leave and wash your hands frequently

* You will be asked questions each time you visit related to Covid-19. We appreciate these will feel repetitive if you visit regularly but these are essential to maintaining everyone’s safety

* You will be asked to wear a face covering at all times – if you forget, don’t worry – we will have a small supply of masks for visitor use

  • Secure the mask over your mouth and nose and do not touch your mask
  • Do not remove your face covering or mask at any time when in the ward area unless it has become damaged and requires to be replaced

* You MUST follow physical distancing of 2 metres ensuring that our staff have safe space to carry out care. This means you may be asked to kindly leave the room whilst care is being provided

* Please wash your hands thoroughly for 20 seconds every time you enter or leave the patient’s room or if you accidentally touch your mask

* If you cough or sneeze, make sure you follow good hygiene practice – cough or sneeze into the crook of your elbow or a disposable tissue then dispose of the tissue and wash your hands

* Sometimes you will want to hold hands to provide reassurance and comfort – remember the vital importance of washing your hands afterwards for 20 seconds

Inpatient visiting illustration

Visiting with children

Children under 12 can only visit a parent or guardian. All children over the age of 5 years must wear a face covering so please bring one with you. You are required to supervise children at all times to ensure their safety and minimise the contact they have with any surfaces.

Visiting with children illustration

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