Role description

This role involves taking minutes for Finance meetings and Audit and Risk meetings in St Columba’s Hospice.

Hospice staff and volunteers are expected to reflect our Hospice Values in the way they carry out their roles, and in their interactions with each other and with patients, family members and any other visitors.

Our Values are: Care and Compassion, Respect, Trust and Partnership.

What will I be doing/involved in?

Reading the Investment Committee and Audit & Risk Committee papers in advance of the meetings; having a brief call with the Director of Finance & People ahead of the meetings to clarify any points and confirm key decisions to be made at the meeting; attending the meeting in person or virtually; writing up the minutes of the meetings and sending to the Director of Finance & People

These minutes go to the members of the Investment and Audit & Risk Committees, and are then also sent to the Board who receive a report from the Chair of each sub-committee.

What experience or skills do I need?

You need to have a good knowledge of the terminology used to manage investments. You also need to understand the annual cycle to produce the audited annual accounts. As such, this role would suit a retired accountant or investment manager, or a recently qualified accountant who would like to gain some experience of how Board Committees operate.

You need good written skills and the ability to distil a meeting down into the key points of discussion as minutes are not verbatum.

Ability to keep information confidential.

Time commitment and duration

There are 2 Investment Committee meetings and 2 Audit & Risk Committee meetings each year. The meetings are currently held in the mornings.

End of April : Investment Committee 9.30am , and on the same day Audit & Risk Committee 11.30am

Mid August: Audit & Risk Committee meeting with auditors to review the annual accounts

Mid November: Investment Committee

In very general terms, it might take 2 hours to prepare; 1-2 hours to attend the meeting and then 4-5 hours to write up the minutes of the meeting.

The meeting dates are usually set in October/November for the next calendar year so there is plenty advance notice. Meetings are currently virtual but it is hoped to return to face to face meetings in due course.

The role will be reviewed on a yearly basis.

Where will I be based?

St Columba's Hospice Care, 15 Boswall Road, Edinburgh and the Education Centre, 17 Boswall Road Edinburgh

Who will be supporting mer?

Jackie Taylor, Director of Finance & People

Who else will support me?

Annie Tofts, PA to the Director of Finance & People

Lynn Evans, PA to the Chief Executive

Recruitment checks

  • Interview with Volunteer Services Manager and Director of Finance & People
  • Application Form
  • Two references
  • Volunteers must be 18 or over


  • Hospice Volunteer Induction Programme
  • Hospice Orientation
  • Team/role induction and training
  • Team meetings (if/as necessary)

Additional Information

  • Hospice Chaplains are always available to support volunteers
  • Volunteers may claim reasonable travelling expenses for transport to and from the Hospice, or the place you volunteer, e.g. one of our retail shops. Please speak to your manager about this.
  • The Hospice provides complimentary tea and coffee to all volunteers, staff, patients and families as part of the hospitality strategy.
  • If you volunteer for a full day at the Hospice, you can claim a free meal from the staff café or Iona Café. Please speak to your manager about this.

 You can apply online here

Alternatively, please email us at to request a paper application form, or to ask us any questions about the role

Download a role description


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