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Educational visit from Nepal

As one of Scotland’s leading palliative care centres, we were thrilled to have the opportunity to invest in Nurse Manju BK’s continuing professional development. It is an even greater joy to see these ideas taking root in Nepal through Manju and her colleagues.

Since her time at St Columba’s in 2018 Manju has achieved distinction in her fellowship in palliative nursing and now leads the development of palliative care at Green Pastures Hospital in Pokhara, Nepal.

In partnership with Edinburgh charity, EMMS International, the hospital has developed and opened a brand-new centre for excellence in palliative care. The centre is not only for the delivery of quality care but also for the training and development of palliative care specialists. This will allow palliative care services to extend into increasingly rural areas of western Nepal.

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I saw how emotions and sentiments are similar around the world. No-one likes to be alone, particularly when they are elderly and unable to care for themselves like they once did. We all need support, care and someone to share our feelings with: sad and happy moments, small or big things. There is a need for psycho-social support, and everyone needs someone to listen to their issues.

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Nurse Manju, reflecting on her time at St Columba’s

Healthcare access & training

Nurse Manju and her colleagues provide inpatient and community services, supporting patients and their loved ones. They have started a day therapy service in Pokhara, inspired by Manju's time at St Columba’s. There are plans for a sensory garden and other creative therapies. Although her team is small, the new facility offers an opportunity to train others so that they can provide the best possible care and encourage active family involvement in care planning.

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