Pentland Walk 16 June 2024

Pentland Walk

Pentland Walk

Lace-up your boots and take on our seriously scenic Pentlands walk this Summer.

Time: Registration from 8.00am.  Walker set off 8.30am -9.00am  

Meet in the Flotterstone Inn Car Park (Bar and Restaurant | The Flotterstone Inn | Scotland).  Coming from Edinburgh, take the A702 heading south. Turn off right to the Flotterstone Inn and Pentland Hills (signed). Look for a St Columba’s Hospice Care Gazebo in the car park of the Flotterstone on the left hand side. 

The Flotterstone Inn car park will be the start and finish for the route.  We anticipate most people will take around 6-7 hours for the Gold route.  We will have snacks/fruit and water at the start/finish, and also at a water stop on the route.  

We will have four guides on the day from Sports Ecosse events, and a recce of the route has been completed.  These guides will lead you around the route, and one will be placed at the back to ensure everyone’s safety.  Alongside this we will have some members of the St Columba’s Hospice team walking too.  

A fantastic day hiking in the Pentland hills with terrific views, great scenery, and some challenging terrain.  A definite sense of satisfaction at the end of the day!  Both routes will be guided, and permission pending we plan to have a water stop with drinks and snacks that will support both routes.  Start and finish is at the Flotterstone car park, not far from Edinburgh, just off the A702 approximately 30 minutes from the city centre.   

The route is hilly to start, climbing up Turnhouse Hill, before following the rise and fall of some of the Pentland’s main hills before dropping down to a reservoir for the final few kilometres.  Although you’re only a few miles from Edinburgh it feels a world away! We’ve put two routes together, as detailed below.  

Gold Route 

Distance: 17.5km (approximately 11 miles)  

Approximately 1,000m of ascent (3,300 feet) 

Hills: The Magnificent Seven!  - Turnhouse, Carnethy, Scald law, South Black Hill, East Kip, West Kip, Black Hill  

Water Stop: The Howe, at the West end of Loganlee Reservoir. We’ll have water fruit and snacks 

Time: 6-8 hours. Everyone to be back at the car park for 5pm.  

Silver Route  

Distance: 11km (approximately 7 miles) 

Hills: 2 (Turnhouse and Carnethy). Option to add in Scald Law if desired 

Water Stop : The Howe, at the West end of Loganlee Reservoir  

Time 3-5 hours.  

Suggested Kit List: 
This is a full day walking in hilly and uneven terrain.  Being Scotland we could get almost any weather in mid June, but hopefully it’ll be sunny and dry!  We suggest you have with you;
- Sturdy footwear.  Walking boots recommended. A good pair of walking socks is worth wearing for a long day in the hills!  
- A waterproof jacket (and over trousers if you have them) in case it’s wet. 
- Suitable walking bottoms and tops -layers are a good idea for if you get hot/cold.  
- A sun hat if it’s sunny and a warm/woolly hat if it looks colder, especially for stopping for snacks etc. It’s colder at the top of the hills than in the car park, especially if it’s windy! 
- Enough water for the walk and snacks/food to keep you going.  Please bring at least 2 litres of water. We’ll have extra at the start and at the water stop.  
- A small rucksack to carry extra food/water and clothing in.  



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Sunday 16 June

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Depart from The Flotterstone Inn Car Park

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