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Light up a Life 2019

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Every year, we’re able to support over 1100 families across Edinburgh and the Lothians thanks to the generosity of people like you. This Christmas, you can Light Up A Life by making a donation and dedicating a light to a loved one. Read on to find out how your support makes a difference.

Alison’s husband Kyle was diagnosed with an illness in July 2017 and died less than a year later. At the time, their daughter Ailsa was just 11 and the couple made the decision to tell her the difficult news together.

“As parents, we were just going with what we thought was right. We very much felt that we should be open and honest with Ailsa during Kyle’s cancer journey, but we were going with our gut instinct most of the time and didn’t have any source of professional support to give us advice and reassurance.

“When Kyle was referred to the Hospice, his pain was quickly managed and he was able to rest. I felt relief knowing that he was in the best place and Ailsa told me she found it comforting knowing he was well looked after and that the pressure was no longer on me. Towards the end it got really hard and when Kyle’s condition worsened, it fell to me to tell Ailsa. It was one of the most di cult things I’ve ever had to do.”

Following Kyle’s death, Alison spoke openly about how challenging it had been talking to her daughter throughout his illness. One year on, we’re delighted that money donated and raised in Kyle’s memory has gone towards launching our first dedicated Child and Family Bereavement Service. Alison and Ailsa have joined our Family Support Advisory Group and actively play a role in shaping the service and its delivery.

We’ve already helped almost 60 children similar to Ailsa and this Christmas, by dedicating a light, you can make sure we’re there for many more families across Edinburgh and the Lothians.

Our Light up a Life appeal is for everyone – not only for patients and families we have cared for and supported. The event offers the chance to come together with your local community, take a moment to remember your loved ones and support your local hospice.

This year’s event is taking place at 6.30pm on Monday 9 December in Charlotte Square Gardens. We hope that you will join us with your family and friends.

Did You Know?

This year you can also Light up a Memory on our interactive memory map! Simply think of place that holds special meaning for you and a loved one. Place a marker on our online map and leave your memory or message.

Your memory will remain lit up throughout the festive season and beyond. Visit your special place whenever your want, share it with family and friends and invite others to add their own memories.

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