Our facilities

At our hospice building, overlooking the wonderful Firth of Forth, we do all we can to care for all of our patients and their families and friends.

Our wards

On both, our patients are cared for by a dedicated team of nurses, assisted by volunteers and led by a Ward Manager. The team works together to oversee patient care and encourage patients to be actively involved in any decisions relating to and in the planning of their care.

The Iona Café

This is a great spot to relax and refuel. It offers a wide range of drinks and snacks between 9am-5pm and is staffed by volunteers. It’s open to all patients, families and staff as well as the public and tea and coffee is free for everyone.

The Art Room

Situated on the Pentland ward, our art room is open for everyone using the hospice, both community and inpatients. There are regular groups that meet to create and practice everything from fine art to practical crafts. Simply ask a member of our team if you’d like to find out more.


Our therapets are a small group of dogs and one cat, who regularly visit the hospice, providing therapy for our patients on the Cedar and Pentland wards. They also visit outpatients attending our Day Therapies service. Animals have been used in care for hundreds of years and Florence Nightingale also recommended patients have animals to keep them company.

The Columba Room

The Columba Room, located on the Cedar ward, is a place for you to be quiet with your own thoughts, share private time with your loved ones or watch the sea and the birdlife. We hope you’ll find inspiration from the art, poetry, imagery and texts from different spiritual traditions, along with the stunning views of the Firth of Forth. It’s open to everyone, at any time.

Family rooms

We have two lounges on each ward with TVs and games, comfy sofas and a children’s play area. We like to encourage patients to make use of these spaces with their family.

Make a visit

Arrange an informal visit for you and your family

If you’ve recently been referred to the hospice and would like to make an informal visit or your friends and family would like a tour, email us at and we’d be more than happy to arrange this.

Make a visit illustration

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