You, Now – St Columba’s Hospice Palliative Care, Edinburgh

Through creative writing You, Now offered opportunities to re-engage with our senses, our memories and our experiences, bringing these to the fore, through words, poems, stories and other imaginative uses of language.

This project was facilitated by writer Meaghan Delahunt and was open to hospice patients, their families and friends as well as everyone else who is part of St Columba’s community.

A series of six short videos, approximately 5 minutes each, was released on a weekly basis between July and August 2020:

Week 1: Open your eyes
Week 2: Tune in
Week 3: You can’t touch this
Week 4: On the nose
Week 5: Tastes funny
Week 6: Dreaming asleep, dreaming awake 

These videos acted as prompts for creativity. We encouraged participants to engage as they wished in whatever form that took. This included single words, short poems, stories, memoir pieces or… wherever it took them!

At the end of this creative writing project we brought together people’s different examples and shared them with others via the Hospice website and other media.

Live workshops:

Following the six short videos, we offered two live online creative writing workshops.

Participation was free and open to all.

This project was kindly supported by the Scottish Book Trust.

Share your writing:

Writing can be a very personal and private process. It can also be a public form of communication provoking ideas and responses from others. If you would like to share examples of your writing, please feel free to email them to the Arts team:

Open your eyes video image

Week 1

Open your eyes

Tune in video image

Week 2

Tune in

You can’t touch this video image

Week 3

You can’t touch this

On the nose video image

Week 4

On the nose

Tastes funny video image

Week 5

Tastes funny

Dreaming asleep, dreaming awake video image

Week 6

Dreaming asleep, dreaming awake