Supportive care services

Supportive care services are about making it easier to manage symptoms and improve general wellbeing. They’re all available to inpatients, outpatients and those in the community.

Support for your loved ones

One of the hardest things about illness is speaking to family and friends about what’s happening. Our Family Support Team can help make things a little easier. We organise support groups and provide various ways for you to engage with those closest to you. We can help you talk to children, offer general information and advice, and give support to those who are bereaved.

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Helping find peace of mind

We’re here to support your emotional and spiritual needs. Our counsellors offer a safe space to process what can be complex and overwhelming emotions. Our chaplaincy team offers support to those of all faiths and none, helping consider the biggest questions and talk about your life.

Helping creative expression and connection

The arts can bypass words. They can offer a creative outlet and support in times of change and loss. Our Arts team offers a range of sessions and projects using diverse arts media such as music and songwriting, painting, creative writing, photography and film making.

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Helping you relax

Our complementary therapy service is available Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm. Therapies for inpatients include reflexology, reiki, aromatherapy, massage and Indian Head massage. We also now provide virtual complementary therapies to outpatients in our community. These therapies are tailored to individual needs and offered together with conventional medical treatments to maximise wellbeing.

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Helping with the day-to-day

Our Social Workers will help you and those close to you with the practical tasks that need to be taken care of. We’ll help source practical help at home, point you towards advice on debt or income maintenance, help with housing, schools and employers, and offer social and emotional support. Whether you’re thinking about going home or moving to another care setting, our social workers are here for you.

Helping you stay active

An important part of living independently after a diagnosis is staying as active as possible. Key to that is having your environment set up to help you move around safely. Our Occupational Therapy Team will provide you with equipment and guidance that helps you with everyday tasks. Our Physiotherapy Team can teach you techniques to deal with symptoms such as breathlessness and fatigue, provide guidance on appropriate levels of activity, and work specifically on things like strength and balance.

Supporting the best bereavement care

St Columba’s Hospice Care supports the Bereavement Charter for Children and Adults in Scotland.

The Charter describes what the best bereavement care and support should look like. It has been developed to support individuals and communities who struggle with the death of someone they know or someone in their community.



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