Volunteers selflessly give up their time to help patients, families, visitors and staff. We couldn’t do it without them.

Volunteering update

Our volunteers are vital to our care, and we are working to bring them back into redesigned roles.

Recruitment of new volunteers is on hold, but when that changes we will update these pages.

For information about how you can help out locally, please contact Volunteer Edinburgh

Volunteer Edinburgh

Volunteer Drivers

Driving vital supplies

In recent weeks we have asked some of our volunteer drivers to collect and deliver PPE. 

Iain says, "The conversation collecting PPE boxes was more limited than when ferrying patients and relatives to and fro, but there was still the same sense of doing a worthwhile job."

Karen says, "I was really happy to help out as I love my volunteer work. It was lovely to get a wave from people who had donated PPE (from inside their houses). It made it feel that wee bit special!"

Volunteer Drivers illustration

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