Community – St Columba’s Hospice Palliative Care, Edinburgh

Offering time and kindness

Compassionate Neighbours is a community led social movement where local people offer their time, kindness and company to people living with life limiting conditions and who may be lonely or socially isolated.

We match people together according to their hobbies, interests and geography in the hope of developing genuine, caring friendships which will help grow a mutual sense of belonging and ultimately build stronger, more connected communities.

Become a Compassionate Neighbour

Helping people stay in touch

Communities are stronger when we come together.

The Compassionate Neighbours Team are committed to building strong and resilient communities, where local people feel confident to offer social and emotional support in their communities.

This is never more important than during times of isolation, deteriorating health, grief, loss or bereavement. Find out how you and others can make a real difference in your local community by emailing We’d love to hear from you!