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About ECHO

Extension for Community Health Outcomes (ECHO) is a collaborative model of education developed by The University of New Mexico and is now used worldwide and by over 40 hospices in the UK.

We use ECHO to widen access to palliative care knowledge and skills by supporting health and social care professionals who deliver palliative care in settings other than in a hospice.

ECHO's methodology is based in values of inclusion, collaboration and participation. 

Communities of Practice

ECHO Networks create Communities of Practice, where people who are passionate about providing skilled palliative and end of life care meet regularly to learn how to do it better.

At these virtual meetings we share knowledge and support each other in the experience of caring for people and their families in the last stages of their lives.

Wider access to palliative care

People need skilled palliative care wherever they live. However, there is a lack of people with palliative and end of life care knowledge and skills to support everyone who needs care.

The ECHO model allows the Hospice to support health and social care professionals in all community settings. This is vital as more people will need skilled care at the end of their lives due to complex health needs.

A wide range of community and acute NHS professionals have been a part our ECHO networks along with colleagues from Marie Curie Hospice.



The benefits of joining an ECHO Network

  • Builds relationships and communities of practice
  • Learning needs decided by participants
  • Practise-based learning from real situations
  • Safe space for reflection
  • Sharing of knowledge and good practice
  • Development of new skills and knowledge

Arts in Palliative Care ECHO Network

Our Arts in Palliative Care ECHO Network is an online network to support UK arts therapists and artists as well as other professionals interested in the role of the arts in palliative care.

We are holding five sessions from May 2021 to May 2022, sharing knowledge and experience of the role of the arts in palliative care, supported through facilitated discussion.

More details

Covid-19 Care Home Recovery

We recognised a need to support care home staff following the outbreak of Covid-19 and we ran a Care Home Recovery Network in the summer of 2020. We then collaborated with Marie Curie Hospice using ECHO to create a virtual network of care home and hospice staff to discuss, share and learn together about the impact of Covid-19 on themselves and people they care for.

We also used ECHO, in collaboration with NHS Lothian, to deliver training for nurses in nursing homes, caring for people dying with Covid-19 symptoms.

Previous ECHO Care Home Networks

We developed four Care Home ECHO Networks with Edinburgh care homes between August 2018 and March 2020.

Two networks focused on Anticipatory Care Planning (ACP) in care homes and were developed in collaboration with the Edinburgh Health & Social Care Partnership, Long Term Conditions Programme ACP Team.

St Columba's Hospice bird icon

Collaboration with St. Columba’s Hospice and Project ECHO enabled shared learning, reflective practice and peer support, which would otherwise not have been possible given the demands on care home staff and was a critical factor in the success of the ACP improvement programme

Edinburgh Health & Social Care Partnership, Long Term Conditions Programme, ACP Team 2019

ECHO resources

Here are some of the materials we've created to tell you a little bit more about our networks and ECHO partners. For more information about ECHO, please contact us by email:

Care Home Network 1

Care Home Network 2

ACP Care Home Network 1

ACP Care Home Network 2

Homeless Services Network



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